The Beginning of “True Spirituality”

My last real post was about how I became enthralled with the Mennonites. We went to our state’s home school Conference and my mother pointed out to me Rod and Staff, and Christian Light Education. She had tried to point them out once before, when I was 10 years old and all into Little House on the Prairie. But I didn’t get it then. I just thought they were civil war reinactors or something like that. 😉

I stayed at that booth a *long* time. I bought a few “young adult” fictional stories published by Rod and Staff. They also had free sermon tapes about dress standards, head coverings, godly living, Christian family, etc. I took those too. I think I was around 14 years old when this obsession started to take a hold of me.

Home I went, and devoured the beautifully hard bound Rod and Staff “young adult” fictional stories. One book had a profound impact on me. I believe it was called “The Price of Peace”

That book really challenged me to live beyond “talking the talk” but actually “walking the walk”  I started to get frustrated with my family. Why didn’t dad lead us in family devotions? Why didn’t we wear dresses? Why didn’t we wear the head covering? We were in direct disobedience to God about that one especially!

This was also around the time period that I got an issue of New Attitude Magazine published by Joshua Harris that had an article in it, about other young adult publishers. Two magazines were written for girls by godly Christian young ladies. Hope Chest, and The Kings Daughter.

I sent for the sample issues of both. Mom told me to make a decision of which one I wanted. I wanted both, but she was adamant that I choose between the two. I chose “The King’s Daughter”

Those magazines introduced me to Elizabeth Elliot, Charity Christian Ministries, Bill Gothard, and many other “godly” influences.

I tried the best I could to put into practice what I was learning from the magazine, and the Mennonites. I started to read the Bible more on my own.

During this time, we were not attending a church. We had left a “hip” non-denominational church and hadn’t even begun to search for a new church. This bothered me…and I think it bothered my mother, as she saw how I had been suddenly awakened to be interested in spiritual matters.

So we began our search as family for another church….

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  1. Rachel says:

    So happy to see some new posts! 😀 Keep writing, please. 🙂

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